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Independent New TV Series Introduces Actor Kevin Richard Best

Independent television production of Sura Khan’s The Chambers – In God We Trust, now streaming on Tubi Free Movies + TV, presents Kevin Richards Best as Law clerk Eddie Hayes.

Independent Actor
Playing Eddie Hayes

Kevin Richard Best is a classically trained actor from New York who has been in several theater, film, and television productions. He has most recently worked on ‘A Good Cop,’ which is currently streaming on the NTD app, and many other shorts and independent films slated to debut later this year. Kevin is a mental health advocate, board game enthusiast, long-time Knicks fan, and proud uncle.

Kevin, In the role of Eddie Hayes, an African American male in his early 30s. He is a Law Clerk. He is a bright and confident young man but doesn’t trust easily. Eddie works primarily with Ryan, Miranda Koon, and Angela Baker. Eddie becomes the lead clerk on a new high-profile case Kimble presides over. The shooting of an unarmed teenager is fast becoming Eddie’s worst nightmare.

On Set of the Chambers
Shooting Scene

The series begins with controversy in Judge Kimble’s first high-profile case in his first term as State City’s Supreme Court Judge. Marsha Owens, Kimble’s Judicial Assistant, makes a statement while on a date that ends up on the cover of the daily newspaper and is now being picked up by television news. A frantic Chief of Staff Fred Kramer wants answers before the morning staff meeting in Chambers. Kimble’s Senior Associate and political advisor Matt Canley is dealing with the heat from City Hall and advises the Judge to fire Owens at once. Media Relations Officer and Spokesperson Angela Baker is hounded by the media, who also want answers.

Come and enjoy the entertaining performance of Kevin Richard Best in the new series Pilot.

Actor on The Chambers
Car Scene – The Chambers

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