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the pilot production episode of
Sura Khan's The Chambers - In God We Trust
date: June 5th 2022

trouble in chambers

The series pilot episode of this Multi-Award Winning production begins with controversy in Judge Kimble’s first high-profile case in his first term as State City’s Supreme Court Judge. Marsha Owens, Kimble’s Judicial Assistant, makes a statement while on a date that ends up on the cover of the daily newspaper and is now being picked up by television news. A frantic Chief of Staff Fred Kramer wants answers before the morning staff meeting in Chambers. Kimble’s Senior Associate and political advisor Matt Canley is dealing with the heat from City Hall and advises the Judge to fire Owens at once. Media Relations Officer and Spokesperson Angela Baker is hounded by the media, who also want answers.

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Sura Khan

Sura Khan is a thirty-year veteran in the entertainment industry. A writer, producer, director, and author with a drive and determination for creation that’s unprecedented. 

Over the past five years, Sura Khan has spent much of his time developing a variety of original television series and film projects.  He’s a visionary who believes that there’s a time for everything and everyone. The original projects he’s developed is rooted in something very special and indeed timely. Creating programming based on the unique needs of the viewer and the times we are living in is his formula for creating a winning catalog of content.

With vast changes in technology and viewing patterns around the world, Sura Khan feels that anything is possible if we can connect with a source whose capacity to see our vision and all its possibilities is secured. “I have no doubts whatsoever in my unique ability to move an audience”, says Khan.  I understand that we as human beings are always on the lookout for those programs and ideas that can inspire, motivate and teach us something we may have previously been unaware of. 

Not being afraid to continue creating projects that you understand will eventually cost millions upon millions of dollars to produce and you yourself as a creator having no idea how that kind of money will find its way to you is simply the principal’s of faith with a clear knowing that what’s inside of you must be manifested in the world outside of you. When you can connect with that source of knowledge than the manifestation of an idea is evident in due time.

Sitting on a goldmine is how Sura Khan views his current place in time. Anyone lucky enough to see beyond the present moment within his unique purpose for existence will be very fortunate enough to share in a stream of wealth and success unimaginable.

With a host of new books and projects to add to his catalog Mr. Khan is content and looks forward to the coming years and all that it will bring through and from him. 

Bobby Bostick spent most of his early years in entertainment on the music side of the industry and traveling on concert tours with some industry giants of the time.

Working in television commercials led Bobby to more interest in television programs and film. As a result, Bobby & Sura Khan joined forces back in 2001 to produce the movie “Brothers Gonna Work it Out,” a City of New York-sponsored project designed to combat gang violence in the New York City Housing Authority Developments. Watching Sura Khan on set inspired Bobby to offer a helping hand with production, and Khan assigned him as a producer on the project.

Twenty-One years later, Sura Khan called Bobby back to reunite and rekindle that magic of yesteryears on his current project, “The Chambers” After Bobby heard Khan’s vision for the new show, he wanted to play a more crucial role in the project. So he came aboard as Executive Producer/Producer, bringing along with him the talents of Jose “Choco” Reynoso (Composer) and Kenny Sattaur (Associate Producer).



Bobby bostick

our valued team

Senior Production Team

Associate Producer

Terri Patterson

Associate Producer

Kenny Sattaur

Director of Photography

Rasheen “R. H. Bless” Hill


Jose “Choco” Reynoso


Chryse Heckman

Special Scene Editor

Aldo Romero


Guido Schierano

Makeup & Hair

Natasha Atwell


Marcus Green

Production Mobil Manager & Consultant

Benjie Hawkins

Our Vision

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Our Mission

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